About: Michael

I am a life long photographer and graphic artist living in St. Petersburg, Fl. I help organize several local photography groups and teach basic photography at various recreation centers in Pinellas County. I am currently unemployed having lost my job as a graphic designer and staff photographer after 7 years with the City of Largo due to budget cuts. I am looking for employment; if your company is interested in aquiring a knowledgable and experienced employee, contact me via Google Voice at (727)537-9677 by text message or recorded voice message. My resume` and work samples can be downloaded here as an encrypted ZIP file. Password provided on request.

Projects: Professional and Personal

Basic Photography Class for Adults

During photo walk-abouts and club meetings I was approched to teach an entry-level photography class. I offer a four session basic photography class through the City of Safety Harbor that covers evething from types of camera hardware, basic composition, the basics of aperture, shutter speed and exposure, along with an introduction to photo editing. Browse the project.

People I Have Met (on going)

Our lives are enriched by the people we meet. Inspired by other photographers on Google+ and Flickr I have been keeping a photo journal of the many interesting people I meet when I venture out with camera in hand. Currently the project spans from 2005 and is still on-going. Browse the project on Flickr

Contact: Michael

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