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Basic Photography Help Page

Class Schedule: January 29, 2013
Tuesdays, 6-9pm
Safety Harbor Historical Museum





Common Questions

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What Do I Need for Class? - For each class you should bring your camera, owners manual, and USB thumb drive.

What is a USB thumb drive? - A thumb drive is just a slang term for for a small portable electronic flash memory storage device. Here is a link to a list of them from NewEgg.com they start at $5 plus $1 shipping (a reliable on line retailer), although you can buy them in any Wal**t or T**g*t. They come in many shapes and sizes. For this class you only need one with enough storage for your project photos. About the smallest you can still buy are 2 gigabyte but as the cost of storage drops larger units become the new smallest units at the same price. As of this article 8 gigabyte units are less than $10. 1 gigabyte of data storage can hold 100s of photos...

Owners Manual? I lost that months ago....Each camera has its own unique menu and way of operating. This class is not about how your particular camera works, but how to get the best results out of it. For a lost manual, most manufacturers offer user manuals on line from their web sites. Usually these have too many pages to print, but they are small enough to fit on your thumb drive along with your photos. If needed during class I can open the manual on my laptop.

What Kind of Camera is Used in This Class? - Any digital camera can be used to participate in this class, however, camera phones are not recommended.

How can I Get Class Updates and Handouts? - To get current changes to the class schedule, log on to twitter.com create an account (all that is required is a unique user name and a valid email address) and find my account "msrichter" using the find people tool. I post current class status and new there everyday. Handouts for each class are linked below as pdf files(as they become available)

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Companion booklet download(rev 7 pdf 14.4mb)
Supplemental Handouts - Color of Light and Fill Flash and Noon Light, The Rule of Thirds, Beyond the Rule of Thirds Using Basic Design Rules to Make Better Photos. The Power of Three , Kodak's tips on taking better pictures, Composition using lines
The Creative Spark and the Art Project, Fill Flash Project
Presentation - Download
NEW- Building a photo-tutorial
The slide presentation from this class from Slideshare

Software and other Links:

Class Store - Photography themed stuff Help support a starving artist/teacher.

GIMP Open source Photoshop type program, not for the faint of heart
Picasa - from google, easy to use, limited tools
Photo Plus SE - like Picasa with more power and tools
Paint.net - Intuitive interface with some cool high end tools (from Download.com)
Flickr and other slide Shows Changing Light Vid

Image Editing Tutorials-Basic

Image Editing Tutorials-Advanced

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