Digital Darkroom Series


Sketching and Coloizing Techniques

Please review the tutorial on saving and pre-sharpening your images first if you have not already.

Trendy Water Colorized Photo Effect

Recently, I have see a resurgence in the colorized photo effect. This short tutorial includes a quick way to convert photos to a B&W charcoal sketch then to a colorized photo or pastel art peice. Get the example image here at (Fig 1 ).



Duplicate the background layer and apply a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and slide the saturation setting all the way to the left to create a black-&-white image (Fig 2). Merge the adjustment layer and image layer.












Duplicate the B&W layer and set the Blending Mode of the top layer to Color Dodge.






Next, go to Image > Adjustments > Invert. At this point, what you see should be almost completely white (Fig 4), that's okay, because here's where the "magic" happens.







Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and move the slider around to find the amount of detail you are looking for and click OK (fig 5).







Set the layer transparency to multiply, you will see the color layer with the black lining from the above layer (fig 6).






Duplicate the bottom layer (the original color photo layer). Apply a Gaussian Blur with a high number (start at a setting of 50) adjust it back and forth to the setting that looks good for your image. Click apply (Fig 7).







Next select the blurred layer. Use a soft brush to add blush, other detail and remove unwanted color smudges to complete the effect( Fig 8).

fig.1) Source file

fig.2) Lightness channel

fig.3) de-saturated layer

fig.4) Invert results looks all white

fig.5) Gaussian blur at 55

fig.6) Sketch layer to multiply

fig. 7) blurred color layer

fig. 8) Final effect





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