I shoot what I see in the area where I live. I generally keep my camera close at hand when I go out, a Minolta Dimage 5. It's a good mid-priced consumer digital camera that allows me to shoot as if I was using 35mm film. Features include a 3.3 megapixel maximum image, 7x optical zoom plus a 2x digital zoom for focal lengths from 35mm to 250mm and a f/2.8 APO.

The first group in this series were shot at ISO-100 and f/3.5 to f/11 with various focal lengths (forgot to mark them down) and shutter speed set to automatic. Time of day was about 2 hours before sunset to just a few minutes after. I used no filters on any of the shots in this series.

PICT0001 PICT0005
PICT0008 PICT0010
PICT0012 PICT0014

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