Thumbnail Images Personal Use

Private, noncommercial use of thumbnail images, described as images of less than 200x150is allowed as long as the following conditions are strictly met.
1) All watermarks remain intact and unaltered.
2) A text link to this web site is clearly provided directly below the displayed images, in a clearly readable color, in "Arial" font and, at least 8 points in size including the statement 'Image(s) Courtesy Michael S Richter, Designer"
3) An e-mail notification has been sent to us stating the url of the site where the images will be displayed and you have received a letter of confirmation from
Michael S Richter reserves the right to revoke permission to display any image so licensed above at any time for any reason and without prior notice.

Rights Managed License

An image presented under a rights managed license can only be used for the duration of the license period and in the market as selected by you. These images will not be made available to any other users in any other market during the license period. These images are so noted in the gallery on with an "RM" symbol. Fees are dependent on type, length, and distribution size of each run. Pricing available on request.

Royalty Free

Royalty free images may be used with any type of advertising media or web production as many times as needed. All images are copyrighted under Michael S Richter, the photographer and cannot be duplicated for resale without the express written consent of Michael S Richter.

Royalty Free images purchased from Michael S Richter are governed as images used for commercial use without limitation on the reproduced image. Images are used within company brochures or web application and will only be used by the purchasing company.

Third party purchases are considered acceptable as long as the purchasing party is using the images for an outside project such as web page production. Images used for third party applications are considered a billable expense to the project of the web based company and resides ownership of the library.

Personal Image Licensing (Single Use Reproduced Prints)

Personal Image Licenses are used for all of our reproduction prints available within the Gallery located within All prints granted this license will be solely used for single reproduction of the image constructed by and the staff. Further reproduction, scanning or printing of these images is prohibited under the Personal Image Licensing Agreement. images are available in different size categories and are used for personal or professional office framing.

Further duplication of the acquired image is prohibited without prior consultation from

Copyrights and Governing of Images

Copyrights of all images within the Galleries are owned and covered by Michael S Richter, the photographer. The Photographer, Michael S Richter strictly governs all images within the Galleries. Images can be withdrawn from a campaign if the campaign can be construed to cause harm to the acquired image, Michael S Richter or

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