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The PhotographerOur studio is located in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. The company specializes in tabletop product photography using subject centered lighting techniques which make your product POP and gain immediate attention!

To arrange a custom bid for your project, contact the studio via Google Voice at (727)537-9677 by text message or recorded voice with your contct information and we will contact you for the project details, usually within the hour.

Product Photography

Special Offer

The $10 Deal

Jewelry Prodphoto is running A Pre-Hoiday SPECIAL OFFER $10 per finished image.* We bid by the shot and never charges an hourly fee, therefore the bid scales with your project also, if a project takes longer than expected, your bottom line is unaffected. Our bids are valid for 30 days so you have plenty of time to consider our quote.

*Limited time offer for small objects shots on white or black backgrounds, minimum quantity of 5 shots. Quote includes basic photo finishing and electronic delivery of final images.

Product Photography

Request a custom bid here or call 727.537.9677


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