1. www.MichaelSRichter.com collects personally identifiable information, such as your e-mail address, name, web site information, home or work address or telephone number. We have various items on this site that will allow you to submit information such as request forms and e-mail links as means of transmitting information to us. Our policy is to never provide this information to anyone not affiliated with www.MichaelSRichter.com at any time unless you have given us permission to do so.

2. All information so collected is stored in encrypted format inaccessible to other computers on the Internet

3. www.MichaelSRichter.com also collects nonspecific data about browsers, operating system, screen resolution and other general data to help us provide the most compatible web browsing experience possible. Information collected in this manner is only shared among the www.MichaelSRichter.com family of web sites.

4. www.MichaelSRichter.com will never contact you unless you have given us permission to do so by direct request or in an attempt to collect an account that has become ten (10) or more days overdue.

5. www.MichaelSRichter.com has many internal and external links to other web sites therefore; www.MichaelSRichter.com is not responsible for the privacy statements or other content on web sites outside of the www.MichaelSRichter.com family of web sites.

6. www.MichaelSRichter.com has no control over any information you have transmitted to any publicly viewable web pages as in, but not limited to, message boards, chat rooms, and discussion groups. Such information is viewable by anyone and can then be used in a manner that is not consistent with the policies of www.MichaelSRichter.com.

7. To correct any errors and/or omissions please contact the webmaster.

8. We may amend this privacy policy at any time in order to address other privacy issues and regulations as needed.


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